What is a Shave Scrub and Why Would I Use One?

AkiSkin Shave Scrub is an exfoliating, cleansing and lubricating product used to reduce razor burn and skin irritation associated with shaving. Exfoliation is an important step in a great shave that many men know nothing about. Don’t panic – it does not need to be an extra step.  AkiSkin Shave Scrub combines 3 steps of washing your face, exfoliating and lubricating your beard before shaving.  Use AkiSkin Shave Scrub all over your face and neck and skip the soap and shaving oils.  

AkiSkin Shave Scrub can be used before you shave….or….it can be used after you shave.  It’s your choice.  For some men it makes sense to use it as their very first step before shaving.  This will clean your skin, remove dead, dry skin on your face and help to lift your beard hairs. It will also lubricate your hair and skin before you shave helping the razor to glide with less friction.

Other men prefer to use AkiSkin Shave Scrub after they shave to exfoliate and smooth the skin.  It will also remove any residue left behind by your shaving cream while the witch hazel, organic carrier oils and essential oils soothe and moisturize.  The oils will remain on your skin even after rinsing with water so you will have no more dry, tight skin after your shave.

Could you use it both before and after you shave?  Sure!  We love how you’re thinking now. We would just recommend that if you use it like that, don’t scrub very hard or for very long since it is possible to over-exfoliate (scrub too much).

AkiSkin Shave Scrub is so easy to use.  Simply scoop out a small amount of scrub – about the size of a grape for shaving your beard.  Massage it all over your beard and neck. Don't even wet your skin first for best results. Some men make it the very first part of their shower.  Make sure to get everywhere you will be shaving.  Take 30-60 seconds and enjoy this massage part.  There is no added fragrance but you will notice a great scent from the organic oils and essential oils.  When you are done massaging the scrub, rinse it off thoroughly with warm water.  Make sure you get all the sugar granules off when you are rinsing.  

Do you shave other places besides your face?  Well, use it there too.  Use AkiSkin Shave Scrub anywhere you shave. 

AkiSkin Shave Scrub exfoliates, lubricates, soothes and moisturizes. It’s made with organic sugars and oils with a few other skin soothing and moisturizing ingredients like witch hazel and essential oils. Simple, wonderful goodness for your skin. To purchase our shave scrub visit our products page, or for more information contact us here.

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