The fancy word for dry salt therapy is 'Halotherapy'. For halotherapy to be administered, there is very specialized equipment that is heating and pulverizing pure salt into microparticles under controlled settings.

Salt room sessions are available as:
Single session -                 $30 
Package of 5 sessions -   $125
Package of 10 sessions - $200
2 Month Membership -     $200

Packages can be shared and they do not expire.  Membership is for just the person for whom it is purchased and expire 2 months after the first use.

All salt room sessions are 45 minutes long.  It's simple to get ready for a session.  Wear comfortable clothes, remove your shoes and wear socks on your feet to enter and exit the room.  Relax in one of our 4 chairs while listening to soothing music and enjoying the beauty of our 200 million year old Himalayan salt while breathing in the salt air.