About The Owner, Kathy Sheraw Taylor

Owner, Kathy Sheraw TaylorWhen my husband and I moved to Erie in 2015, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to look for a traditional RN job. But with over 35 years of experience, I knew I wanted something working with people and using my nursing skills. One day, I visited a place that had salt lamps everywhere. I immediately felt relaxed when I entered and was told that the salt sometimes makes people feel relaxed and calm. 

Not being familiar at all with the benefits of salt, I wasn’t sure I believed that explanation so I went home and started reading about salt. I learned that people build entire rooms out of salt because of the many possible health benefits. In some parts of Europe, it has been common practice for some physicians to send their patients for salt therapy for more than a century. 

Having had my own business for 10 years when I lived in the DC Metro area, I decided that it was time to unpack my entrepreneurial skills once again. ‘Aki’ is what my son called my daughter when they were little. Both of my kids gave me inspiration and moral support with my previous business so I decided to name this one after them.


About Aki Salt Room

I found a company from Poland that had started building salt rooms in the U.S. Yes, there are builders closer than Poland but I wanted my salt room to be more than just a room. I wanted it to be anexperience and a work of art. Now I just needed to find where I wanted this work of art to be located. 

One day after my husband and I had our afternoon coffee at Brew Ha Ha, I noticed a ‘for lease’ sign in the window next door.  I knew right away that my salt room was going to happen. In April of 2017, the build was completed and by June I was ready to open the store for business.

At this point, there are probably fewer than 1000 salt rooms in the country.  Most salt rooms are located in a day spa and offer other services and therapies. I chose to keep my salt room small and to stay focused on the benefits of the salt and not other services.

I guess you could call me a ‘salt room purist’ in that regard. I love hearing concerns and questions from my customers. I welcome physicians and other health practitioners to come find out more about how such a simple 45 minute session in a beautiful, comfortable room can help their patients.

I hope you will visit to experience the benefits that a salt room session may offer you. I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your questions or concerns. Follow my blog to learn more about the benefits of Halotherapy and to take advantage of my sales and specials.

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