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Q:  What exactly is a sugar scrub?

A:  AkiSkin Shave Scrub is a combination of all natural oils and sugar.  Some of our formulas have essential oils and some even have added fragrance.  Sugar has been used for centuries to smooth and condition the skin. Not only do the grains of sugar gently buff away dead skin but sugar also contains glycolic acid which is a naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid.

Q:  Who should use AkiSkin Shave Scrub?

A:  Anyone with skin can benefit from AkiSkin Sugar Scrub!  It can be the best minute of your day to have your skin massaged and moisturized.

Q:  When do I use AkiSkin Shave Scrub?

A:  This is an individual preference.  Some people like to use it before they shave to help to release any hairs trapped under dead skin and lubricate the skin in preparation for shaving.  Others prefer to use it after they shave for the soothing, moisturizing action of the oils. Formulas with essential oils can have even more beneficial effects. We recommend you try it both ways and decide for yourself which results you prefer.

Q:  Where should i use AkiSkin Shave Scrub?

A:  You can use it anywhere on your body. Because of our all natural ingredients, it's safe enough to even eat it so you can even use it on your lips without worry. 

Q:  Why should I use a AkiSkin Shave Scrub?

A:  Skin is made of many layers.  The top layer is mostly dead skin cells.  Many of these dead skin cells will fall off of your skin on their own but some of them get a little stuck and don't fall off as easily.  When this happens, your skin can look dry, dull, flaky and rough. As shown in a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology,  hair can become trapped under this dead skin (link to the NIH study) which can be a factor leading to razor burn.  AkiSkin Shave Scrub used on a regular basis will help to remove this dead skin to make your skin look smoother, softer, and maybe even a little bit younger.

Q:  Why do I get razor burn in the first place?

A:  There are a variety of reasons including dull razors, poor quality razors and improper use of a razor. 

Most commonly, a build up of dead skin can lead to razor burn.  Picture a lawn with lumpy grass.....the surface is not even close to smooth.  As you move across the lawn with your lawnmower it chops off the raised lumps right down to dirt while the low lying areas don't get cut short enough.  If you could level off the lawn into one smooth surface you would no longer have dead patches and uneven grass.

Now imagine your face like a much small version of that lawn. You have areas of dead skin that may even have a trapped hair beneath it.  You have lower lying areas as well.  As you move your razor across your skin you chop off the clumps of dead skin which could cause some mild bleeding and you don't get a close enough shave on other hairs. Now add a dull blade and improper skin/hair shave prep and you have a recipe for disaster!

Regular use of AkiSkin Shave Scrub will smooth out the surface of your skin, free hairs that can be trapped under dead skin and lubricate both the skin and hair to allow for a closer, smoother shave.

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