Why do I get razor burn in the first place?
Razor burn can be caused by a variety of reasons.
         Dull blades -- You should always use a clean, fresh blade and remember not to press too firmly against the skin while you shave. 

         Poorly prepped skin -- Dry shaving is asking for trouble.  Always prep the skin with something that will wet the skin as well as make it more slick so the clean, sharp razor will gently and easily glide across the surface. 

         Dead skin buildup -- Perhaps the most important way to get a great shave is to keep your skin free of dead skin buildup. Patches of dead skin can go unnoticed to the naked eye but can cause ingrown hairs (hairs trapped under dead skin or hairs that have curled around and are now growing downward and into the skin instead of growing straight up).  When your razor goes over these areas it can slice or pull away the thin patch of skin that is trapping this hair, causing nicks, cuts and razor burn.

How will AkiSkin Shave Scrub help me to have a comfortable shave?
Our shave scrub will smooth the surface of your skin by helping to remove dead skin cells that may be trapping hairs and making the surface of your skin uneven for the razor.  The oils will lubricate your skin before your shave to help the razor glide more easily when your use the scrub before your shave.  If you choose to use the scrub after your shave, the oils, glycerin and witch hazel will soothe, moisturize and calm your skin.  Used either before or after your shave on a regular basis, AkiSkin Shave Scrub will improve the texture of your skin allowing for a better shave. 

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