I’ve been Bald by choice (BBC) for the better part of 20 years, I’ve changed my shaving techniques more than a couple of times either from boredom or the purchase of new products. With the purchase of each new shaving product there are several outcomes you can expect. You either love it, or, you hate it. You will either be let down or surprised and delighted. In my younger days of shaving I didn’t know the ropes. I used a regular cheap disposable razor and Barbasol with a moisturizer that contained alcohol, OUCH!!!! was a word I used whenever I shaved. I couldn’t shave everyday because of the razor burn and all the cuts (some big, some small).

Being an everyday shaver was just not possible at that point. Then one day I finally said this is what I want from my shaving routine. I want to shave everyday with minimal to no razor burn what so ever, have a great looking dome that shines or doesn’t shine that choice is mine. I decided that if I was going to live the bald lifestyle I was going to claim it, make it my own and live the Bald lifestyle passionately!

I started doing more research to critique my shaving routine and decided that the very first change I needed to make was to invest in a good razor and shaving cream or gel, so I started experimenting with different brands and decided to switch to the Mach 3 from Gillette. Yea I know, Gillette!, they say it’s the best a man can get but I don’t necessarily agree with that. Although Gillette does make a good product it falls short in the categories that makes my decision on whether or not to buy a certain razor.

Like I said Gillette does make a good product but the blades dull to fast for my taste, that’s just my opinion I’m not saying you should not buy Gillette, it’s strictly my opinion, back then my favorite razor was the Mach 3 and I was dedicated to Mach 3 even though I spent more money on blades. I shopped around for a good shaving cream or gel. I was surfing the web one day and found the HeadBlade site and well, the rest was history and I’m still a HeadBladder now and will be for a long time. Headslick which is manufactured by a company called HeadBlade, maybe you have heard of them?, and my days of razor burned and Knicks changed to comfort and a great looking scalp.

Over the years I have critiqued my shaving routine and changed razors several times. My most recent razor of choice is the Schick hydro 5 sensitive razor, shaving oil and HeadBlade or some more natural shaving cream. The one addition to my shaving routine that I love and will never change is the use of exfoliation before and after shaving. You may think it’s obsessive to exfoliate before and after but if you try it you may think differently.

I first learned about exfoliating before shaving many years ago, I read somewhere on line that it promoted a good shave and I thought, that makes sense, why didn’t I think of that before. You’re body sheds some 1 million skin cells before the day ends. That’s a staggering number if you really think about it. All that dust floating and laying around you’re house is partially skin cells. Not to appealing is it.

I started exfoliation before shaving and knew right Away that I had found a new staple in my shaving routine, the very first shave was a lot smoother and more comforting. The power of exfoliation is from the loosening of the hair follicles and scrubbing away the dead skin cells leaving a nice smooth dome. Exfoliating before shaving with upgrading my razor and shaving cream drastically lowered the razor burn caused from cheap razors and shaving cream. Exfoliating before shaving has been a staple in my shaving routine for quiet some time now.

A couple of months ago I tried exfoliating after shaving as well. My scalp felt extra smooth and soft, I knew that once again I found another staple in my shaving routine. For several months now I have been exfoliating before and after shaving and my scalp has felt extra smooth and has had a natural shine as well. The few staples in my always evolving shaving routine has definitely helped me become an everyday shaver!